Threat Monitor is a simple, easy to provision, yet comprehensive cloud-based suite of security monitoring and threat intelligence solutions. Threat Monitor scans business networks, public and private IP addresses, domains, and cloud services to discover any threats or vulnerabilities. IT or Security practitioners can now have security alerts integrated directly into the Spiceworks App Center within minutes, accelerating and simplifying threat detection, response, and regulatory compliance. Threat intelligence from Labs and threat data from the global Open Threat Exchange accelerate threat detection and response by showing what threats are most important and how to mitigate them. Threat Monitor provides five points of detection.

The Royal Mitra Teknologi Security Event Logging and Monitoring Service helps client's to efficiently and effectively support all system logging and monitoring for the organization. Our service provides trend analysis to assist our clients' to perform effective follow up and to design and implement compensating preventive controls within their environment. Our service is designed to help client comply with industry-driven regulatory requirements and standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27002 HIPAA and SOX.